Anybody used prolonged wear calls in the area? We'& #x 27; re the comfy after a couple of weeks. I'& #x 27; m discussing the ones made especially to be put on for approximately one month without taking them out during the night. I recognize you'& #x 27; re not meant to use calls in any way however you put on'& #x 27; t take these calls out so no person will certainly understand. Drill Sergeant stated if you use get in touches with throughout concentration camp occasion in fundamental, they & #x 27; ll thaw to your eyes.So there & #x 27; s my remedy if you #x & wear 27; t wan na maintain acquiring contacts.But idk what you & #x 27; re speaking about.If you obtain dirt in your eye

, you'& #x 27; re blind.Bring your glasses and also your call instance in case something shitty takes place. May the chances be ever before in your favor.This.The chances will typically not remain in your support. Resource: serious get in touches with user.

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Virtually 3 years at Happiness. Had several eye infections as well as abrasions I #x & put on 27; t wear mine over night also if they & #x 27; re developed to be utilized that way.Here & #x 27; s my story.My initially release', 2007-08, I put on glasses as the reg specified. We had an evening objective in Diyala,

as well as it was near a little river.

I had my butt parked on the side of a berm or something while they figured something or various other out, and also my glasses began to mist up. There is no actual service to adjustments in temperature level triggering haze in a high moisture scenario besides maintaining them tidy, as well as naturally that isn & #x 27; t truly feasible when you & #x 27; re because setting; you & #x 27; re gon na be sweating because warm as well as moisture, so they & #x 27; re gon na be filthy and also obtain misted up, specifically at night.Well, they began misting up, as well as essentially the only method I can take care of it was reduced them a little bit on my nose, sufficient to where I can

evaluate them rather than via them, as well as I readjusted the backfocus on my Nods to make up for not putting on glasses. Not optimal, however there was nothing else option. Relocated and also got rid of a residence, and also if I bear in mind best I needed to remove it by doing this then when(I assume)we obtained some light I simply pressed my glasses back up on my nose.I vowed that wasn & #x 27; t gon na occur if I ever before released again.Well, I returned as well as ETSed in 2008, then I obtained contacted out of IRR, obtained the package in late 2009 as well as turned up at Benning in Jan. 2010. No opportunity by that indicate obtain LASIK, so prior to I appeared I obtained a prescription and also went for even more get in touches with (I required extra anyhow )and also used them. Not sustained by regs, yet fuck having glasses misted up when you & #x 27; re gotten down in the center of the evening; that & #x 27; s a dish for a severe problem.Well, I overcome to Iraq and also struck the FOB, the system & #x 27; s 1SG selects us up from the landing field in a pick-up, as well as'states we need to go get supper prior to they obtain us a CHU and also crap, so me and also a few other individuals avoid

to the DEEFAKT as well as eat.Lo and also lay eyes on as quickly as we'leave supper headed back to the firm, and also I see a fucking end-of-the-world-style black blizzard coming. Initial implementation we had actually had a small black blizzard; it lasted 3 days, however was simply negative sufficient to ground trips, absolutely nothing truly major. This appeared like fucking Satan was turning up to release to Iraq.So we head our butts back to the firm, and also we obtain captured in it. That did it for that set of get in touches with; I used my glasses for concerning 2 weeks prior to placing brand-new get in touches with in simply to allow my eyes recuperate from the irritability.

Still, I used them the remainder of the implementation, periodically putting on routine glasses; I #x & wear 27; t believe I put on Military eyepro lenses during.

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Naturally all I was doing is driving a MaxxPro And also on convoy protection goals; spunk was peaceful as heck in 2010 after all.So the TL, DR is that it & #x 27; s versus regs, and also you take specific dangers doing it, yes, yet then glasses themselves existing specific threats, and also I faced both.If I needed to do it throughout once more, and also I recognized I could put on calls without someone stating "Hey, #x & wear 27; t you put on

glasses?", I & #x 27;d take the get in touches with as well as use them a minimum of occasionally, yet I would certainly do what I did on that particular 2nd implementation: ALWAYS have a set of appropriate eyepro lenses

ready to take into my eyepro, as well as actually I lugged my routine glasses so I might simply take the get in touches with out and also pop glasses on my face in like 2 secs time if I had to.It & #x 27; s a threat in any case, however truthfully it & #x 27; s much faster to go from calls to glasses than vice versa. I & #x 27; m not informing you to do it, you & #x 27; ll need to assess that on your own, however on that particular goal in Diyala my initial release, I certainly desired extremely severely that I had get in touches with in instead of fucking eyepro lenses misting up on me.