I always take pictures of my video poker jackpots. Was wondering if anyone knew whether the casinos (in Vegas particularly) allow you to break out your phone and start filming.

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Since pretty much everyone now is carrying a camera around with them, it would be really hard to enforce a no pictures inside the casino rule. That being said, they may not like you taking pictures of their employees or their procedures. Also, as someone else mentioned it’s impolite to take pictures of other people without their consent so try not to do that.

Thanks everyone. I'm going to give it a try. Maybe like if I'm one or two cards away from a video poker jackpot, I'll bust out the phone and record.

Don't do it on the sly. Ask the casino mgmt first. If they say it's not allowed, and you do it anyway, you are violating their TOS, they can refuse to pay your any winnings, and they can kick you out of the casino.

It would suck to hit a big hand and not get paid cause they checked the eye in the sky and you were breaking the rules.

OP, It varies from casino to casino depending on that establishment's policy but usually casino won’t allow you to take video because:-

Security. Freely taken photos on the gaming floor could be used to assist in surveying the property to facilitate criminal activity, recording high quality images of camera locations, floor layouts, security procedures, especially photographs of staff badges (which could be used to create convincing fakes).

Privacy. Guests at a casino may have any number of reasons for not wanting their pictures to be taken. Some may have been avoiding paying child support, spousal maintenance, may be going through a contentious divorce, or are being stalked by a vindictive ex. Many people just don’t like having their photo taken. Forbidding photos on the gaming floor was seen as a way of heading off potentially messy customer conflicts.

The proliferation of cellphones with cameras and the popularity of social media and selfie culture has made it impractical to pursue a strict “no photos” approach. Staff and security would be spending an inordinate amount of time chasing down everyone who wanted a harmless selfie at their slot machine. It also makes the property feel, well, unwelcoming and unfriendly; not an approach to take when your business is in the service industry.

Social media in particular is also an opportunity for the casino to promote the property with little or no cost. Every selfie posted to Facebook or Instagram is another free ad for the casino.

There are limits. Although you may want to have a nice establishing photo of the venue, pictures of sensitive areas like the cashiers’ cages are off limits, and wandering around taking pictures of other customers or employees without their permission is frowned upon and will be discouraged. Video recording your slot machine as you play is also forbidden. In general though, solo selfies, with buddies, other cooperative guests, or even employees with their permission are okay.

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Every casino will have their own policy. To be on the safe side, ask before you click.Personal pictures are ok in almost all establishment if taking a quick selfie or of your meal in a restaurant. But when you start talking pictures of interiors, layouts, and structure, they get very cautious. I rather play BJ at my comfort of my own home by using various online casino like VegasCasino.io . At lest I won’t worry about the rules.