If you're wanting to conceive - or avoid conceiving - then you've probably got some questions. There's no need to be awkward about them, because chances are they've been asked before. Here are the answers to 20 of the most captainqq.netmon ones.

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It’s a funny thing being human. Although all we know we’ve got heaps in captainqq.netmon, we still tend to think that we’re really very special and terribly unique. And of course, we are.

But when it captainqq.netes to questions of a more intimate nature, you may be surprised to know that really, most of us just want answers to the same information, but embarrassment holds us back.

Being a midwife and child health nurse gives me a very personal insight into women and the information they want. The first thing to acknowledge is that when you’re a health professional, no question is off-limits.

Nurses generally, hold a position of trust and discretion. These are some of the reasons why so many people share the most intimate details of their lives with us.

And when it captainqq.netes to getting pregnant, believe me when I say that whatever your question may be, I can assure you it’s been asked before.

Here are some of the top 10 questions women ask me about getting pregnant.

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Do you have any unanswered questions? Source: iStock.

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1. How do I get pregnant?

You need to have sexual intercourse with a man. His sperm then needs to fertilise your egg. The only other way to get pregnant is by receiving fertility assistance through a clinic.

2. Can I get pregnant the first time I have sex?

Yes, you could. Many, many young women have conceived a baby the first time they had sex. Even if you haven’t had a period yet or, your periods are irregular you may still be fertile and you could conceive.

3. Do you have to have sex to get pregnant?

Yes, unless you are having fertility assistance. Kissing, masturbation, fantasy or dreams, no matter how real, cannot cause pregnancy.

4. Does my partner need to be inside for me to get pregnant?

Yes. However, if he ejaculates (captainqq.netes) near your vagina it is also possible to conceive.

5. Do we have to take our clothes off to get pregnant?

Yes, sperm can swim but not through clothing. And sperm need other fluid like semen or vaginal mucous to stay alive. But be careful if you are having dry sex. Keep your underwear covering your genitals and tell your partner to do the same. It’s the exchange of body fluids which leads to pregnancy.

6. Does my partner need to ejaculate for me to get pregnant?

No you could still get pregnant. Before ejaculation a small amount of fluid captainqq.netes out of the penis - this helps with lubrication. And this fluid often contains some sperm.

7. If my partner masturbates before we have sex can I still get pregnant?

Yes, it’s a fallacy that fresh sperm are weaker than older sperm. All it takes is one sperm to connect with an egg to create a pregnancy.

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It only takes one sperm. Source: iStock.

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8. Can I get pregnant when I have my period?

Yes, although it’s unlikely it could still happen. This is because it’s still possible to ovulate during a period. Sperm can live in the vagina for up to five days so they can also hang around until ovulation.

9. If I do a wee after we have sex will that stop me getting pregnant?

No it won’t. Urinating won’t help to wash away semen from your vagina, only what’s on the outside of your vulva. Urine captainqq.netes out of your urethra. This is a separate tube to the vagina.

10. If I stand up straight away after we have sex will I get pregnant?

Standing, sitting, lying down even jumping up and down won’t make any difference to your chances of getting pregnant. Gravity does not prevent sperm swimming upstream.

11. If I have a shower just after we have sex could I still get pregnant?

Yes you could. Showering, douching, swimming, bathing or any water activity does not prevent pregnancy. Sperm are very resilient little critters and can swim uphill, downhill and in any direction.

12. Can I get pregnant when I’m breastfeeding?

Yes it’s possible. But if you are still breastfeeding overnight and your baby is feeding frequently both day and night, then although it is less likely it’s still possible.

13. If we do it in the shower or the pool can I still get pregnant?

Yes you can. Sperm are very capable of swimming upstream so the fact that you’re in water doesn’t make any difference. But it could be dangerous for you because water is forced into your vagina.

14. Can I get pregnant when I’m taking the Pill?

Yes. Especially if you miss one or more. The oral contraceptive pill may also be ineffective if you are sick with a tummy upset, vomiting or diarrhoea. Some antibiotics can also stop the effectiveness of the pill.


Can you fall pregnant on the pill? Source: iStock.

15. If you take two pills after having sex you’ll be OK... That"s right, isn"t it?

No, this isn’t true. Neither are you safe if you take someone else’s birth control pills. Speak with your doctor or a pharmacist if you have had unprotected sex. The morning after pill needs, ideally, to be taken within 24 hours of unprotected sex to prevent 95 percent of expected pregnancies.

16. The condom came off. Can I get pregnant?

Yes, you can. This is why it’s important for one of you to hold the condom firmly onto the base of the penis when your partner is withdrawing. Otherwise, it could slide off and be left full of sperm inside your vagina.

17. What if my partner pulls out before he captainqq.netes? Can I still get pregnant?

Yes. Seminal fluid is released during sex to help with lubrication and this contains a lower concentration of sperm. And it also takes a lot of awareness and self-control for a man to withdraw; it’s not an effective strategy in preventing pregnancy.

18. Can I get pregnant with another baby if I’m already pregnant?

No. However, it’s remotely possible if you have a uterus which, instead of being one organ, is divided into two. If you are already pregnant, your body signals to your ovaries not to release any more eggs and your hormones work on supporting the pregnancy you have. Twins and multiples are conceived at the same time.

19. If my partner drinks lots of yellow soft drink will it make him sterile?

No. This one’s certainly a fallacy. Sperm aren’t killed off by soft drink so don’t believe it. He is more likely to becaptainqq.nete overweight with tooth decay if he drinks a lot of soft drink so it’s not a good idea in any case.

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20. I’m really skinny so I can’t get pregnant anyway, can I?

You could still get pregnant even if you are very thin. Anorexia nervosa can cause ovulation and periods to stop but this is in the advanced stages. Don’t think that because you’re a size 6 or 8 that you’re safe from pregnancy or infertile.