My son just got braces today. He’s 8 years old with a large overbite, and just has braces on his top teeth. I never had braces, so I don’t know what eating is like with them. They gave me directions (nothing sticky or crunchy, and food must be cut and chewed with the back teeth). But I don’t know where I’m supposed to draw the line for what is crunchy.

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Can he have crackers? Chips? Thin pretzels? Apple slices? Steak (cut in pieces)? Ham? Pop tart?

Should his diet be even more different these first few days while he’s sore? Tomorrow for lunch at school they’re having cheeseburgers.. will he be able to eat that if he tears it up? It doesn’t help that he’s a picky eater to begin with.

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he's not going to want to eat anything interesting for a while probably. i'm a couple weeks in as an adult and i'm just now branching out past applesauce, mac and cheese, oatmeal.

on the crunchies - i'm playing it safe and not having anything remotely crunchy, but my ortho sent me home with goldfish crackers, so those are probably fine.

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Some people with braces eat everything. They are just careful about the "no-no" foods (breaking them up, chewing carefully with back teeth). You kind of know when something is too hard since you will definitely feel the pressure in your teeth when you bite down.

*Personally, I avoid snack foods like crackers, chips, hard pretzels, but I'm just being extra cautious about not breaking a bracket. Popcorn is mainly the big one to avoid. Both due to the hard hulls and the fact that the shards are hard to get out of your brackets.

*I do eat apples, but I cut them into small chunks and/or cook them down so they're soft.

*Ham and most meats are okay. I find that they do get stuck in the brackets easily so you have to clean thoroughly after you eat them.

*Pop tarts are pretty soft so are probably okay. They are quite sugary though, so you have to brush thoroughly after you eat them.

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*Whether your son is ready to eat a cheeseburger or not depends on his own pain tolerance. I didn't really have any pain even on the first day I got braces so I probably would have been fine eating a normal diet, but I was still careful and ate soft foods. You could always pack a yogurt drink or something else soft and filling if you think he won't be able to manage it.