In our most recent concern as well as solution, the pharmacologist reviews whether Ambien can be halved as well as if half-dosages work for dealing with sleeping disorders.

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Suzie asked

52 year old white woman. taking 10 mg of ambien in 2015 as well as a fifty percent. suggested by obgyn. reg doc claims thats too expensive of a dosage. I appear to awaken a pair hrs after resting and also act intoxicated. I at some point return to bed as well as rest the remainder of the evening. Reg doc recommended I reduced tablets in fifty percent. I have actually done this for 3 evenings currently. Not resting. Will the dose at some point function itself out so the 5mg will function? How much time will this take?


Ambien (zolpidem) can securely be cut/split in fifty percent.

Nonetheless, it is very important to keep in mind that Ambien additionally is available in a prolonged launch formula, Ambien CR. Ambien CR ought to not be divided, as this might cause the whole dosage of the drug being launched at the same time, substantially raising the danger of adverse effects.

On top of that, if you have actually been taking one tablet computer of Ambien 10mg for an extensive amount of time and also are wanting to divide the tablet computer to obtain a dosage of 5mg, you might experience rebound sleeping disorders for a couple of days/weeks.

Safe Ambien Doses

The normal beginning dosage for grownups, specifically women, is 5mg when in the evening, at the very least 7 to 8 hrs staying prior to the organized time of stiring up to decrease the danger of following day sedation.Higher dosages (e.g. 10mg) is far more most likely to create next-day problems as well as the negative effects you discussed in your query (acting intoxicated).

It is not unusual for reduced dosages, such as 5mg, to not function virtually also , if you have actually been taking greater dosages. Ambien has actually been understood to create reliance as well as withdrawal responses in some people. Promptly quiting or reducing the dose excessive, also promptly, can create:

InsomniaNervousnessShakingSweatingFast heart price

It seems as though you might be having rebound sleep problems. This will usually solve after 1 to 2 weeks, yet if you are having actually proceeded trouble dropping off to sleep, make sure to connect to your physician for therapy alternatives.

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They might make a decision to gradually taper your dosage below 10mg or they might attempt alternate drugs such as Ambien CR, Lunesta or Sonata as an example.