When you load for a Royal Caribbean cruise ship, you might wish to bring all the conveniences of house to make sure that your remain at sea is similar to getting on land, however you ought to understand there are some vital policies concerning what you can not induce a Royal Caribbean cruise ship.


For the security as well as health of all visitors, specific products are banned from being caused a cruise ship, and also it will certainly conserve you time (and also humiliation) by understanding what you can and also can not induce a Royal Caribbean cruise ship.

Throughout the check-in procedure, protection will certainly check all travel luggage (both inspected and also carry-on), and also if they detect a product that fulfills the standards, they can take it and also return it to you after the cruise ship wraps up.


Home appliances

If there is one thing that I see seized one of the most on Royal Caribbean"s forbade things checklist, it is house devices.

Coffee machine, clothes irons, traveling cleaners, electrical pots as well as warmers are not permitted to be brought onboard. These things present a fire danger, so you will certainly need to send for washing using completely dry cleansing and also count on Royal Caribbean for your early morning mug of coffee.

Candle lights as well as anything you can light ablaze

Fire is the leading risk onboard a Royal Caribbean cruise ship, so anything that can produce a fire is restricted.

This consists of, candle lights, scent, combustible fluids as well as nitroglycerins (consisting of lighter liquid as well as fireworks), hookahs as well as water hookah pipelines.


Firearms & Ammo (consisting of sensible reproductions), blades, scissors, fighting styles, self-defense devices, sporting activities equipment (consisting of manacles, pepper spray, evening sticks) are all restricted from being induced Royal Caribbean.

Personal brushing things such as safety and security razors are permitted. Scissors with blade size much less than 4 inches are permitted.

Sporting items

Royal Caribbean does enable the adhering to products to be brought onboard, however they need to be kept in your stateroom as well as not made use of onboard the ship:

Baseball BatsHockey SticksCricket BatsGolf clubsSkateboardsSurfboardsBicycles


While it might not amaze you that controlled substances as well as compounds are outlawed from Royal Caribbean CBD oil and also CBD items are likewise banned.

Also if you have actually a legitimately suggested dosage of cannabis, you can not smoke or bring pot, edibles, cartridges onboard. Medical usage is not allowed, and also can lead to major lawful difficulties because Federal medication regulations use.


While Royal Caribbean does permit you to raise to 2 containers of red wine per stateroom, any kind of various other alcohol is purely prohibited.

Any kind of alcohol you acquire onboard the ship or in a port will certainly be saved by Royal Caribbean, and afterwards went back to you on the last day onboard to be earned.

Liquors confiscated on departure day will certainly not be returned.

You are likewise enabled to bring little amounts of non-alcoholic drinks in a carry-on or hand travel luggage onboard just aboard day. Particularly, non-alcoholic drinks brought onboard might not surpass 12 conventional (17 oz) canisters, containers or containers per stateroom. Pure water or specialized drinks such as, milk for clinical functions, infant or nutritional usage, are allowed.

Gadgets & playthings

It might look like a terrific concept to bring your preferred electronic devices with you, however specific ones are restricted due to the fact that they are a fire risk or might irritate various other visitors.

You might not bring hoverboards, pork radios or infant displays onboard.

You must likewise understand that electric expansion cables are likewise forbidden. Rather, take into consideration bringing a USB center gadget to maintain your gadgets billed up. Realize that rise guards, specifically, are banned.

Visitors might bring drones on their cruise ship to be made use of ashore just, as well as outside the port location.

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Drones might not be run onboard the ship any time, neither on Royal Caribbean's exclusive locations: CocoCay, Bahamas or Labadee, Haiti.

Every little thing else

There are a couple of various other things that Royal Caribbean does not enable you to bring onboard that do not fit under any type of various other classification, so right here they are:

Subject To Spoiling Food & Meat ProductsThe just food that can be employed needs to be secured as well as prepackaged.Dangerous Chemicals, consisting of bleach as well as paint