From Rajee's concrete face implants to the doubles Lucy and also Anna that were squashed to find their breast augmentation weren't exactly balanced, Messed up has actually seen some extremely surprising before-and-after cosmetic surgery makeovers. Dr. Terry Dubrow as well as Dr. Paul Nassif aid numerous individuals with their rehabilitative cosmetic surgery solutions, though they're not scared to avert an individual whose dangers exceed the advantages of a certain treatment.

"I understand there are 10 cosmetic surgeons on this block that'll operate you, however I recommend you to have practical assumptions," Dr. Dubrow, 59, has actually stated of stating no to clients "Quit attempting to be excellent. Cosmetic surgery is simply a method to end up being a far better variation of on your own. Individuals will state to me: 'Do I require this?' My response is 'No. You definitely do not require any one of it, unless you have a significant defect that's influencing you socially.""

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Rajee Narinesingh, "The Cement-Faced Female."

When Rajee involved Dr. Dubrow and also Dr. Nassif searching for medical aid for the "black-market concrete" shots in her face, the docs weren"t certain if the blemishes in Rajee"s deal with were operable. After undertaking treatments with the Messed up docs (and also showing up on the program 3 different times), Rajee"s deal with has actually been invigorated, the blemishes mainly gone!



The 30-year-old desired lips like Angelina Jolie, yet a rogue cosmetic surgeon that enabled the registered nurse to infuse Keara with silicone left her lips incapable to shut. Throughout the years, Keara"s lips maintained swelling. The medical professionals disclosed Keara had actually created granulomas, then repaired her lips.


Doubles Lucy and also Anna

Lucy and also Anna equal doubles that have actually invested countless bucks to go through surgical treatment that makes them look a lot more similar. Nonetheless, when the doubles uncovered their boobs weren"t the exact same, they looked for aid from Dr. Nassif and also Dr. Dubrow to attain precise balance.


Albert Nila

Birthed with Poland Disorder, an abnormality of just having one breast muscular tissue, Albert looked for medical assistance in Mexico, where a messed up surgical treatment nearly eliminated him. Dr. Nassif and also Dr. Dubrow provided Albert a breast dental implant, as a result boosting the balance of Albert"s breast.


Her nose was significantly wounded in a motorcycle mishap in Italy 15 years before Luci looking for assistance from the docs. However points went awry throughout pre-assessment when Dr. Dubrow recognized Luci had 2 mind aneurysms and also needed an instant treatment to conserve her life. After the surgical procedure, she went back to have her nose repaired.

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Christina was badly melted in a fire at simply ten years old. The burns left her jawline looking unequal. Also the restoration surgical procedures Christina had after the crash didn"t do it for her. She called herself "Ms. Potato Head," many thanks to the extra square-jaw surgical treatments offered her after the fire. The Mishandled docs had the ability to offer Christina a much less square, a lot more natural-looking jaw.


A mobility scooter injury left George with a mark throughout his temple as well as 3 brows. However prior to Dr. Nassif might repair the mark as well as straighten the 3 brows right into 2, he needed to dental implant cells expanders right into George"s temple. Dr. Nassif dental implanted 2 little bladders right into George"s temple, pumping them with saline for a number of weeks till the skin extended sufficient.