Several photos professing to reveal a boundary wall surface in between Mexico as well as Guatemala really photo obstacles in various other components of the globe.

Published26 August 2015

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The extended photo presented over for that reason does disappoint the boundary in between Mexico as well as Guatemala. Actually, it portrays a fencing along the limit in between the USA and also Mexico in southeastern Arizona.

The photo was taken by Matt Clark and also released to the Protectors of Wild Animals Blog Site in 2013. While the picture is often circulated online of debates regarding migration, Clark initially shared that picture (as well as others) to show exactly how a boundary fencing influences wild animals:


When photographed a family members as well as identified of javelinas on the United state/ Mexico boundary near the San Pedro River in southeast Arizona, I. With my video camera lens, I saw the shape of a grown-up javelina carefully come close to the threatening boundary wall surface, as well as quit with a grunt. It was a haunting photo. I can not act to understand what all-natural reaction brought the javelina to the boundary that day, yet seeing those wild animals actually removed from their environment by a steel wall surface extending on for miles past view-- it truly stuck to me.

Paradoxically, on a previous see to this very same place, I was assisted by a neighborhood landowner to a place where somebody had actually utilized a straightforward nylon rope to range as well as beat the wall surface in secs. Wall surfaces, despite just how high as well as well-reinforced, will certainly never ever be successful in maintaining figured out individuals from going across the boundary unlawfully. Regretfully however, these very same wall surfaces will, and also do, quit wild animals in their tracks, refuting them the area, sources and also hereditary exchange they require in order to adjust as well as endure in the dry atmosphere of the borderlands.

A 2nd comparable picture of an alleged boundary fencing in between Mexico as well as Guatemala flowed on social networks in March 2016, in addition to message wondering about whether America should not have the very same right to construct a barbed cable fencing (most likely along the U.S.-Mexican boundary) in order to shut out "freeloaders":

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That photo likewise had absolutely nothing to do with either Mexico as well as Guatemala: it's in fact a photo of a fencing that Israel integrated in 2013 along their boundary with Egypt (near the Red Sea hotel community of Eilat) in order to maintain terrorists as well as prohibited African immigrants from going across right into Israel:

Yet one more version of this photo distributed in May 2016 consisted of an image of yet an additional wall surface that had absolutely nothing to do with Mexico or Guatemala, however was rather a photo of a section of the Israeli West Financial institution obstacle: