It's not unexpected Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) would certainly wish to safeguard his partner. Blue Bloods revealed her obtaining pain as well as Jamie repaying. This is exactly how followers are responding to the episode.

Eddie Reagan was struck by Tommy Simms on 'Blue Bloods'

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"Guardian Angels" revealed Tommy Simms (Ed Squires) punching police officers. Eddie Reagan (Vanessa Ray) as well as Policeman Rachel Witten (Lauren Patten) were witnesses to this.

Witten and also an additional police officer wished to resist. However Eddie really did not believe it was ideal as well as quit it. Tommy was detained, then launched. When she was leaving job and also obtaining right into her automobile, he then struck Eddie.

Eddie obtained a horrible shiner and also broken lip from the assault. The Reagans were surprised to see her face at supper. They began saying concerning the brand-new bond legislations, and also she quit them.

"Sorry, Eddie," Frank (Tom Selleck) claimed. "It's simply that the civilian casualties from our job does not typically make an individual look at this table."

Danny provided Jamie suggestions on just how to manage it

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Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) and also Jamie additionally discussed the event. Danny informed his little sibling that the assault isn't his mistake. Yet Jamie does not think that given that he's Eddie's manager as well as really did not manage it himself.

Danny additionally advised Jamie that he does not "roll" this way anyhow. If it were Linda (Amy Carlson), Jamie asked Danny what he would certainly do. "In the old days, I would certainly've tossed him off a roofing," he responded to. Danny claims points transformed, as well as Jamie should not make this individual.

'Blue Bloods' followers respond to Jamie repaying on Eddie's enemy

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Will Certainly Estes as Jamie Reagan and also Vanessa Ray as Eddie Janko on ‘‘ Blue Bloods'|Patrick Harbron/CBS using Getty Images

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The episode finished with Jamie and also Eddie encountering Tommy one last time. Eddie intended to reverse, however Jamie informed her Tommy has a pounding coming.

He then increases to Tommy and also his pals. "That details that you offered us so you can stroll? Everything looked into," Jamie informed him. He stated and also existed Tommy ratted out suppliers, as well as his buddies weren't satisfied regarding that. Eddie and also Jamie leave, as well as Tommy begins obtaining leapt.

Followers more than happy with just how Jamie managed the circumstance. "Alright Jamie functions," one follower composed on Instagram. "Yes. Taking lessons from his older bro," an additional one created. Danny absolutely would outmaneuver an assailant otherwise utilize real pressure on them.

"Love exactly how Jamie dealt with the man that struck Eddie. Such a safety Sergeant as well as other half," one more follower composed. The couple does not reach interact as much any longer, so it was an unusual minute of them shielding each various other once again.