www.youtube.com iframe div p Groups: Musician, Band Labels, Ideal of, All-time, Band Names, Musician, Finest of, All-time p List353298|td 1. Led Zeppelin Staircase to Paradise (1991) h3 td tr 2 td 2. Queen h3 Bohemian Rhapsody/ These Are the Days of Our Lives (1991) 3 3. Lynyrd Skynyrd Free Bird (1976) td tr 4 td 4. Deep Purple Smoke on the Water / Smoke on the Water (1973) h3 td tr 5 td imager_3_334_700.jpg" alt="*" td h2 5. Pink Floyd h2 Pleasantly Numb/ Hey You (1980) Solitary 6 td 6. Led Zeppelin |Kashmir| td |Kashmir| 7 div style="text-align: center" captainqq.net div 7. Rainbow |Stargazer| td|Stargazer| 8 td 8. Free All Right Currently (1991) h3 td 9 td best-rock-music-of-all-time div td 9. Led Zeppelin h2 h3 Entire Lotta Love/ Whole Lotta Love (1969) h3 td 10 div td 10. The That h3 Won'' t Obtain Fooled Again (1988) h3 td 11 div 11. Weapons n' ' Roses h2 Pleasant Kid o' ' Mine/ Dessert Youngster o' ' Mine (1989) tr 12 td imager_9_334_700.jpg" alt="*" td h2 12. AC/DC Back in Black (1980) tr td 13 td 13. Led Zeppelin b |Roll as well as Roll|td td|Roll as well as Roll|td tr td 14 td 14. AC/DC h3 Entire Lotta Rosie (Live)/ Heck Ain'' t a Bad Area to Be (Live) (1979) Solitary h3 tr td 15 div style="text-align: center" h2 15. Black Sabbath Paranoid (1988) h3 td tr 16 td 16. Motörhead Ace of Spades(1993) td tr 17 td best-rock-music-of-all-time 17. Deep Purple h2 Freeway Celebrity(1972) h3 18 td 18. Thrill h2 The Spirit of Radio/ Conditions(1980) Solitary h3 td 19 td 19. AC/DC h2 Freeway to Heck/ Freeway to Heck(1979) td tr 20 td div 21. Bruce Springsteen h3 Birthed to Run/ Backstreets(1975) h3 td br td 22 td best-rock-music-of-all-time td 22. Queen h2 We Are the Champions/ We Will Certainly Shake You(1977) Solitary tr 23 td div style="text-align: center" captainqq.net td 23. AC/DC Allow There Be Rock (1980) td 24 div td 24. The Jimi Hendrix Experience h2 Jimi Hendrix Tale Vol. 6-Voodoo Youngster( Discourtesy Return )/ The Whole Time the Watchtower (1970) Solitary td tr 25 td 25. Boston Greater than a Really feeling/ Smokin ' (1976) h3 td 26 td captainqq.net div td h2 26. Meat Loaf Bat Out of Heck(1991) tr 27 div td 27. Thin Lizzy The Boys Are Back in the area(1991) td 28 td div td 28. Metallica h3 Get In Sandman (1991) h3 tr 29 td 29. Thrill 2112(1976) h3 td 30 imager_23_334_700.jpg"alt=" * " 30. Deep Purple Shed (1996) tr 31 td 31. Slade h2 h3 Orgasm On Feeling the Noize/ I ' m Mee, I ' m Currently, an ' That ' s Orl(1973) Solitary h3 tr 32 captainqq.net td h2 32. The Rolling Stones h2 h3 Gim me Sanctuary( 1980 ) td tr 33 imager_26_334_700.jpg"alt=" *" h2 33. Hawkwind h2 Silver Maker (1974) h3 34 td div td 34.

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Bliss Scents Like Teenager Spirit (1991) td 35 td div style="text-align: center" best-rock-music-of-all-time div td 35. The Rolling Stones h3 (I Can ' t Obtain No) Complete Satisfaction (1965) h3 td